Passion with a Purpose 8 “The sight of the American lag blowing in the wind has always warmed our hearts.” - Glen Reed Glen and Sharon, who have called Hillman home since 1999, worked closely with CFNEM to set up the fund so it would support their favorite cause exactly the way they wanted. From there, the Hillman American Flag Fund was created. With the Village of Hillman agreeing to provide the work necessary for ordering lags and maintaining the lag pole site, this fund will provide all of the necessary funding to cover those expenses, forever. “We were blessed to be in a position to make sure the lag would always be lown, and we’re proud to do that,” said Glen. “Somewhere down the road, it’s our dream that a monument can be erected at the lag pole site, displaying the names of all past and present Hillman residents who have served the U.S. This fund might someday inance that dream.” When the Hillman American Flag Fund reaches a point where there is extra money available after covering the lag expenses, leftover funding will be given to Shriners Hospital to support care for children with cleft palates, another worthwhile cause. The Reeds say children have always been dear to their hearts. They have ive children and ten grandchildren who were all born healthy, and are doing well. “Knowing that some people are not so lucky prompted us to do what we can to help,” said Sharon. “The Shriners Hospital is doing a lot to help those families.”  Glen Reed looks on as the ϔirst ϔlag purchased with the Hillman American Flag Pole Fund is raised. Passion with a Purpose 8