words to Program Director Julie Wiesen were, “We’ve gotta take care of the kids.” “He was concerned the Harry and Jennie Grove Trade School Scholarship wouldn’t be enough to support the students,” said Wiesen. “He cared about this so much, and he wanted to make absolutely certain the fund would provide signi icant awards to help students with their education. It was obvious how much this meant to him.” Mission accomplished. Two days later, John passed away at the age of 96. The photo we have of him, is this one: Mr. Zachel at work on his farm. An unassuming community member has left a legacy in his foster family’s name that will impact generations of other hard workers. Every single one of us is a philanthropist, and we all have a legacy. ------------- The Harry and Jennie Grove Trade School and Post- Secondary School Scholarship Fund will provide multi- year scholarships for students from Hillman High School who earn a certi icate or degree in a skilled trade such as electrician, plumber, HVAC, welder, auto, diesel, air craft repair and maintenance, surveying, etc. This award will truly make a difference for generations to come.  Passion with a Purpose 4 Photo courtesy of The Toledo Blade