Hillman Flag Pole Fund Passion with a Purpose 7 Glen and Sharon Reed Love of Our Nation Sparks Creative Ways to Give Back Old Glory will forever ly high to welcome residents and visitors to the Village of Hillman. Glen and Sharon Reed are determined to make sure of it. “The sight of the American lag blowing in the wind has always warmed our hearts, especially on our many road trips through the U.S.,” said Glen Reed of Hillman, Michigan. “We always felt it was an awesome sight to see.” An Army veteran himself, Glen also has three brothers who served in WWII, a brother-in-law who served in the Korean War, two grandsons in the Marines, and two nephews in the military as well. Several years ago, Glen and his wife, Sharon (pictured below), learned through their local Lions Club that a new lag was needed for Hillman. Since no local organizations had the funds to purchase or maintain one, the couple took it upon themselves to take on the cause. “Keeping the lag lying just seemed like something we wanted to do,” said Sharon Reed. “Then the idea came to establish a fund to make sure it would always be lown in Hillman; and that’s when we connected with the Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan (CFNEM).” Passion with a Purpose 7