Passion with a Purpose 17 Incredible Generosity Without a Name Without a doubt, for those generous individuals featured in Passion with a Purpose there was reluctance for CFNEM to share their stories. And we know why. It’s because they’re not in it for the accolades. They’re not in it for the attention or the praise. They just wanted to give back to the places they love and the causes they care about most. We are so thankful they have allowed us to share their stories in this way. For others, there might be many reasons to stay anonymous, and those reasons belong to each individual and no other. While we’ll never say who these people are, their stories still deserve to be shared in some way. Since CFNEM’s establishment in 1974, over $2 million in anonymous donations have been made to various funds, and in some cases, to establish new funds. Can you imagine working for a nonpro it and getting word that someone has just made a donation that will positively impact your community for generations, and signi icantly impact your organization’s capacity to follow its mission? When Kara Steinke, Executive Director of Alpena Catholic Human Services learned of a $100,000 anonymous donation in support of the organization’s adoption services, she was overwhelmed. “I was in total disbelief, and just full of so much thankfulness for the goodness and generosity that exists in this world,” said Steinke. “This donation resulted in progressive dialogue and planning around our open adoption program, and how our agency can continue to impact the lives of those we serve - and be better at it.” 