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CFNEM Scholarship Opportunities for Northeast Michigan


The CFNEM Scholarship application process is now online! We are excited about the new online application system and believe it will be a great improvement in the long run. Since this is the first year though, we ask for your patience as you join us in this new venture!

Before you access the online system, which is hosted by "Stars Online," please carefully read the information provided on this page. 

Please read the following information carefully before accessing the "Stars Online" Scholarship ApplicationBy doing so, you will be better prepared to complete the online application process successfully.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some CFNEM Scholarship Funds do not use the "Stars Online" Application process. The donors of these funds have established other application procedures. You can review these scholarship funds and related application information here.

Each scholarship application submitted will be carefully reviewed by the scholarship program director to make sure students are considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible. This review is to ensure the online application system does not miss any potential matches.

There are over 100 different scholarship funds for students and adults who live in or have gone to school in Alcona, Alpena, Montmorency and Presque Isle Counties, thanks to many generous local donors who care about your future! 

To prepare for the online application process, we encourage you to watch this video 

Now is a great time to gather some important information that you may need to complete the application process, depending on the particular scholarship(s) for which you are eligible. Several of the scholarships funds have varying application requirements, so you may not be required to submit all items listed below. Most of these items also are required for applications to college so you may have them compiled already. 

  • A copy of your high school and college transcript(s), if applicable. (Unofficial transcripts are acceptable as long as they are clearly labeled with your name, current academic year, cumulative GPA, and name of school attended.)
  • GED certificate or high school diploma if applicable
  • Current letters of recommendation from three (3) people other than family, who will address your skills, strengths and other relevant information. At least one letter should be from an individual not affiliated with your school. (The application has a sample that can be emailed to those asked to write letters of recommendation.)
  • Academic awards and recognition
  • Athletic awards and recognition
  • Extra-curricular school activities and related awards and recognition
  • Community involvement/volunteer experience
  • Work experience

  • Family/home responsibilities
  • Financial Information Release Form (Click highlighted link to download form.)
    This form is only required by the following: 
    • First Federal of Northern Michigan Scholarship Fund 
    • Howard G. and Harriett R. Kelm Scholarship Fund 
    • Nethercut University of Michigan Scholarship 
    • Park Family University of Michigan Scholarship 
    • Richmond-Bingham Memorial Scholarship Fund

Other information may be needed depending on specific criteria for a particular scholarship fund.

Please Note:

  • You may be asked to declare your school of choice by May 1st or risk losing an award.

  • Your application may be disqualified if provided information is found to be inaccurate.

Need Help?

Technical assistance is available through Stars Online, the company that developed and hosts the scholarship application process. Technical issues include error messages, inability to access the site or other issues that prevent you from being able to move forward during the application process.

Stars Online Technical Support: or call: 847-859-5017

If you have non-technical questions regarding a scholarship such as "my major isn't listed," "when are the awards presented?" or "I forgot my password," please contact Julie Wiesen, CFNEM Program Director at or call 989-354-6881 (toll-free: 877-354-6881). 


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